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Does a Sustainable Marketing Strategy Include Digital?

A winning marketing campaign must be able to meet many requirements. It should be effective, directed at the right people, and combine a healthy mix of marketing channels. Remember, most of the larger companies of the world are spending 13% of their revenues on marketing, while the mid-scale and smaller companies are sticking to 10% as the magic number when it comes to marketing spend. You need this to fight with competition as well as to win over the customer.

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What Marketers Need to Know About Content Marketing

What Marketers Need to Know About Content Marketing

The buzzword of the current era, Content Marketing is everything. Writing relevant and engaging content has become highly important today. The purpose of content marketing is to attract customers by providing them valuable and reliable information. By providing them the right information, you are not in building their trust but are also ensuring a strong customer base for your business. Good content will help build an audience and over time. Eventually, all this will lead to higher sales and conversions.

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How To Scale Up Business With Digital Marketing

How to Scale Up Business with Digital Marketing

With the increased number of people using internet today, digital marketing has become the need of the hour. Everyone is rushing to blog, tweet and using Facebook – everybody has an online presence.  Now-a-days people look up for their favourite brands online, the internet has become an inexplicable platform for online shopping, learning, conversing, etc.  Thus, it is a must to be present there. Online marketing is not about having a good website. It is set of strategies designed to

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Top 10 Social Media Trends For 2018

Top 10 Social Media Trends 2018

Discovering social media trends can be a great way to get your content marketing relevant. For a marketer especially, knowledge of social media trends help in fine-tuning of strategic business plan in order to ensure business success. The following top 10 social media trends for 2018 will help you look ahead to ensure that you’re allocating your resources appropriately.  

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Perks of Professional SEO Writing Services

SEO content writing services

Advancement of technology and the advent of internet have made the world a better place to live in. Almost all information is now available at a single mouse click. Internet has bridged the gaps among distant places and people can not only connect with each other but also they can make business transactions from anywhere they want. By launching a website of your startup, you can now deal with clients from any place across the world. Yet, you should not

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How Content Marketing Services Boost Brand Visibility!

How content marketing services boost brand visibility

Content marketing services are the crux of all modern organizations that are characterized by flatter structures and virtual dealings. While separate boutiques do exist that offer individualistic services, a content agency with a focus on digital marketing eliminates the need to associate with multiple organizations. This is because they provide all content marketing services under one roof. In case you didn’t know, the central point of content marketing services is to generate leads. All content exercise can mean a lot

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Tips Every eBook Writer Should Read!


Are you among the ebook writers who want to make it big? Writing an e-book that caters to a subject of interest can be a fulfilling experience. Here are some useful tips that you can use to get there. Survey the target audience It is important to ensure that the e-book you are writing will be in demand. Therefore, make sure you survey your target audience so that their needs are met. Never anticipate the needs of your readers; it

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Social Media Trends Set to Explode in 2017

social media trends

Social Media is the most rapidly changing industry. It adopts new and discards old trends at much faster rate. Technology is responsible for triggering the rapid change in social media. More than the technology it is people that affect the popularity of a trend followed all over the internet. We aim to take you on a journey of “Social Media Trends Set to Explode in 2017.” Real-time Video content Video content is without a doubt most influential content available on

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Features of a Quality e-learning Course

Designing an e-learning course requires both, expertise and resourcefulness. A good e-learning content is judged based on the quality of content, interactivity, and ability to be understood. Therefore, it becomes necessary to give immense relevance to the development and designing of your e-learning content. Audience engagement is another priority while designing and writing content. An e-learning course that does not motivate or engage learners to participate is of no use, even when it offers the right mix of pedagogy and

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When Bruce Lee Said, “We Need Emotional Content”, Don’t You Think ‘We’ Meant ‘Content Marketers’? LOL!

emotional content

The popular concept ‘Emotional Content’ that Bruce Lee introduced to the world through his one of the best movies, ‘Enter the Dragon’ surely has nothing to do with content in the form of writing. However, this phrase well suits to needs of today’s content-rich world of content marketing. When Bruce Lee said, “We need emotional content” in a scene from the movie, to us he sounded to be talking about the need of content marketing industry today. Go to Google

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