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Tips Every eBook Writer Should Read!


Are you among the ebook writers who want to make it big? Writing an e-book that caters to a subject of interest can be a fulfilling experience. Here are some useful tips that you can use to get there. Survey the target audience It is important to ensure that the e-book you are writing will be in demand. Therefore, make sure you survey your target audience so that their needs are met. Never anticipate the needs of your readers; it

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6 Highly Anticipated Books of 2016

Even as reading becomes a waning hobby, there are some interesting books that will be seen this year. Here’s a look at the top six books we can’t wait to read this year… 1. Blackass (A.Igoni Barrett) March1, 2016 (Fiction) Blackass is a violent comic satire that triggers everything from race to social media while at the same time penetrating the values society imposes on us by virtue of our physical appearance. Barrett vividly depicts life in modern-day Nigeria and

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