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Yes, Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar after being nominated 6 times over the last two decades. The internet broke out the news with happy updates and some really funny memes. However, many other things happened between the nominations and speeches. This year’s Oscars brought to light various issues like climate change, sexual assault and racism in Hollywood. Leonardo will now be forever quoted with his “Let us not take this planet for granted, I do not take tonight for

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News aggregation: How to keep people in the know updated!

News aggregation has become an interesting way to collate information that is relevant to different industries and verticals. Companies globally are using news aggregation to stay updated as well as to keep their readers informed. While it is a highly technical skill that requires an in-depth understanding of the market scenario, getting the right content is half the job done. With readers getting quality conscious, the work of news journalists and news aggregators is getting tougher by the day. A

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Are you using Facebook to drive traffic to your news website?

Has Google been driving most of the traffic to your website? “Yes it has”. If that is your answer, you know that it’s a great way to drive people to your content. It’s going to stay that way till some software engineer evolves a product that will change the way news is presented, accessed and shared online. That’s a far cry right now. Put aside the thought for once that you can drive traffic via Google. What next? What is

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