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Benefits of hiring a content writing agency in India

Unless you have quality content, you could be blocking the way to getting more traffic. Whenever you want to implement a strong content marketing strategy, the biggest obstacle is the content since it needs to be written and published on a daily basis. When it comes to daily publication of content, you need to consider hiring a professional and trusted content writing agency. When you have assigned the content task to well-versed and qualified writers, you can rest assured that

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What is Instructional Design?

Instructional Design

You may have come across the term Instructional Design as a part of content writing or educational services. What is Instructional Design? To put it simply, Instructional Design is the process of taking a systematic approach towards planning and producing effective, understandable instructional materials. This is based on practical and theoretical research in areas like cognitive and educational psychology and problem-solving. To put it simply, Instructional Design is the process of taking a systematic approach towards planning and producing effective, understandable

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Microsoft’s layoff letter crosses some boundaries

As Microsoft moves from PC software to cloud-based products, it needs a leaner structure. Inadvertently then, a few months down the line with Satya Nadella as CEO, the company has decided to engage in its biggest layoff ever. About 18000 Microsoft employees will lose their jobs over the next 1 year. This massive layoff was announced via a horrifying email that ran into reams of content with a slight mention of the real reason it was sent out. The letter

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Spends on custom content ramp up

A Custom Content Council and Content Wise study published recently revels that companies spend roughly 39% of their annual funds on content marketing. This refers to all forms of marketing such as electronic, print and online. The study, titled “Characteristics Study: A Look at the Volume and Type of Content Marketing in America for 2013” says that spends on production and distribution of custom content went up from 40.2 billion last year to 43.9 billion this year. Of this, social

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Get some brownie points for your website content

Nothing can replace the benefits that you can get out of good website content. Well written content is liked by visitors, critics and the search engines alike. There are some fine things you can do to get your web content to speak volumes without writing a lot. Write crisp, clear copies A well-written piece of content will encourage readers to read more on your website. They will move on to more pages. This means you get more pageviews, which means

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It’s easy recover from bad rankings with content

Rise to better rankings with good content Did your website recently suffer from bad rankings? Do not fret; it’s time to get a closer look. Good, clean and informative content is simply what you need to fix the issue and rebound your rankings. To make your online business a hit, high-quality content is the most essential tool that does serious work. Well-written, keyword-rich content will ensure your pot of gold never stops flowing. Get over bad rankings and test good

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How to Please Users and the Google Panda in One Go?

When you are engaging in a business online, you want to get the maximum benefit out of it. This means you want better search results and higher response rates. For both of these, good content comes as your central tool. The right content works to please the Google Panda as well as the reader. If the Panda is happy with you, your rankings will improve and you will reach a higher number of people. Top that with meaningful content and

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