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Writing books is an art and as well as a work of persistence and patience. It requires a great deal of knowledge about the subject one chooses to write on. Knowledge is coupled up with extensive research work required to come up with a masterpiece. At Pen Pundit we specialize in writing books across several categories such as academic, fiction, non-fiction, biographies and more. If you have a story to tell or an academic book to compile, do get in touch. You could also hire us to ghostwrite an article or book for you.

What makes for a good read?

Putting together a good book involves a lot more than just writing. It requires editing, proofreading, designing and instructional designing if the book is for academic purpose. At Pen Pundit, we provide all services related to book making. We have a team of experienced and well-trained editors, proofreaders, designers, graphic and instructional designers. We help our clients create a complete book, from designing cover to designing entire book. We work according to the requirements of our clients and make changes as suggested. So far, all our clients from diverse industries have been satisfied working with us. Many of them have extended partnership with us whereby we provide them with a regular flow of books. We have also worked extensively with publishers who publish books round the year.

What is instructional designing in books?

It is an important aspect of making books for the academic purpose. Instructional designing is used to design, develop and deliver instructional material. It helps improve instructions by making an analysis of learning requirements. There are two factors that instructional designers use to achieve their motives- multimedia and technology.

Instructional designers know the use of innovative technologies to enhance the learning experience of a learner. They dedicatedly follow instructional design models that make the transfer of a skill or knowledge to learner easy. It is the work of the instructional designer that makes any source of knowledge interactive, easy to follow and engaging.

So if you are looking to publish a book but are clueless about the intricacies involved and would like to dish out a quality product, do reach out to us.