STM Copyediting

Specialisation is key

STM copyediting is necessary when you are planning to publish papers in the realm of science, technology and medicine. Due to the technicalities and specializations involved in this field, it is extremely important to perform a detailed editing of these papers. Not just the grammatical construction, factual accuracy of the data also needs utmost care  Pen Pundit has on board STM specialists who can help you write a well-edited manuscript. All submissions, including manuscripts, created by Pen Pundit are checked for style, formatting and language.

Why is STM copyediting important?

To understand this better, we need to understand what STM stands for. It is an acronym for Science, Technology and Medical. STM copyediting services aid those planning to write STM journals. If you desire to get your manuscript published in the journal, it is not necessary that journals would desire the same. STM copyediting is required for publishing medicine, science and technology papers. Therefore, it is necessary to have complete expertise in the subject and treat every fact as well as figure as sacrosanct.

Here what STM editors at PenPunditoffer:

  • Copyediting following APA
  • Complete coding and instructions for XML,HTML and SGML
  • Electronically edited content tables
  • Precise and excellent writer author doubts
  • Edited files in MS Word with complete quality check
  • Compositor ready content

The process of STM copyediting:

  • We directly receive the manuscript from the editorial office, register it into your system and readily send the copyedited document to the compositor.
  • We save you time, that would otherwise have been spent looking for freelance editors.
  • Copyeditors at Pen Pundit are skilled and experienced.
  • Eliminate your need for paper work and tax-related tasks involving freelancers.