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Video content

It wouldn’t be out of place to say that video content has gone viral in the last few years. Easy to understand and quick to share, videos are perhaps the quickest way to get your message across to the consumer. YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Vimeo, and even Facebook Live, there are an increasing number of channels to showcase video content on.

Video content is most popular marketing content in use across the world currently. It is most effective when it comes to engaging an audience. Due to the fact that videos are easy to understand and put a lasting impression on its audience, video as a medium to communicate with a customer has indeed become mainstream.

The fact that video is a combination diverse form of content such as text, voice, visuals, and music, it has the ability to target our multiple senses. PenPundit knows what kind of video content is most popular and effective. We deliver content that leaves a mark and is easily searched by employing mechanisms of search engine optimization for promotion.

So if you are looking to source content for videos, let us know what you have in mind and we’ll help you make a video out of it.

Video content offered by PenPundit

  • Relevant on-page HTML
  • Video titles
  • A separate video sitemap
  • Keyword-rich transcription
  • RSS (Really Simple Syndication)
  • Media RSS (MRSS) file

As a digital media company, we also run YouTube channels for our clients and create an active audience for your brand promotion related activities. Video or live video has come to be one of the most popular social media trends to dominate lately. With a great level of competition, it becomes important for a company to be active on all platforms in the digital space available for communication.

Video making requires work by highly trained professionals who know the art of video making. Video making involves working on an idea, scripting, storyboard, and planning. At PenPundit we can make video-making convenient and affordable. We produce videos for different industries and purposes. Whether you need an ‘About Us’ video, product description video, advertising, video or want to run an advertising campaign on your YouTube channel, we can custom make them for you.