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How To Scale Up Business With Digital Marketing

How to Scale Up Business with Digital Marketing

With the increased number of people using internet today, digital marketing has become the need of the hour. Everyone is rushing to blog, tweet and using Facebook – everybody has an online presence.  Now-a-days people look up for their favourite brands online, the internet has become an inexplicable platform for online shopping, learning, conversing, etc.  Thus, it is a must to be present there. Online marketing is not about having a good website. It is set of strategies designed to

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How Content Marketing Services Boost Brand Visibility!

How content marketing services boost brand visibility

Content marketing services are the crux of all modern organizations that are characterized by flatter structures and virtual dealings. While separate boutiques do exist that offer individualistic services, a content agency with a focus on digital marketing eliminates the need to associate with multiple organizations. This is because they provide all content marketing services under one roof. In case you didn’t know, the central point of content marketing services is to generate leads. There are many ifs and buts in

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5 Superb Content Marketing Campaigns of 2016

“Actions speak louder than words”, true! However, when it comes to promoting your brand, we believe in the power of words than actions and content marketing is the best example to this. Content is the King and we say it is a great influencer too. If written well, it hits the minds of your audience. Hence, brands these days have understood the importance of having a great content marketing strategy to influence their readers. Content marketing is an art that

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Content Marketing: Why Companies Need It

Content marketing has become an integral part of marketing for most companies today. They are using it as a tool, like a long term strategy that can help companies draw traffic, engage site visitors, dominate the search engines and retain returning customers. High quality content results in organic growth because of primary inputs and research based data related to the field of the company, essentially highlighting the expertise, services and resources of the said company. A content writer can help

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5 Tips for a Great Content Marketing Strategy

Technological advancements and increasing competition in the marketplace has led to the inevitable evolution of marketing into a data-driven process. What we often forget is that too much data does not equal to valuable data. This is the key to a successful content marketing strategy, and here are some tips to remind ourselves of the basics – keep the focus on creating 1. Expectations don’t have to be Sky-high The primary objective of a content marketing strategy for a brand

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Do You Have the Q?

Meaningful content is meant to give helpful insights to a readers. That’s the model Quora, the latest Q&A forum aims to provide. We have taken a fancy to it. There are real people, real content and helpful solutions. If you are looking for interesting ideas or if you want to share them, places like Redditt and Quora offer a good space. Because of the great content available there, it is a wonderful way to keep the logic and the creative

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Why Should Small Businesses Invest In Content Marketing?

Small businesses and young entrepreneurs are finding new and interesting ways to market themselves. The online world has given them the opportunity to look beyond brick and mortar businesses and rely on innovation. Phased and planned use of the internet has helped them to get the response they need. All of this requires good content. All online exercises without good content can be ineffective. The Content Marketing Institute defines content marketing as ‘.. a marketing technique of creating and distributing

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Spends on custom content ramp up

A Custom Content Council and Content Wise study published recently revels that companies spend roughly 39% of their annual funds on content marketing. This refers to all forms of marketing such as electronic, print and online. The study, titled “Characteristics Study: A Look at the Volume and Type of Content Marketing in America for 2013” says that spends on production and distribution of custom content went up from 40.2 billion last year to 43.9 billion this year. Of this, social

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Are you content marketing in 2013?

Sure, most things have seen a poor start this year. However, small and big companies continue to lay focus on content marketing as a form of engaging clients, customers and partners. There is reason to believe that. A Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs 2012 report suggests that managers in 90% organizations are content marketing. Most marketers rely on content marketing as a primary means of success. A Consumer’s Attitudes Toward Custom Content report also suggests consumers like companies that

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