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When Bruce Lee Said, “We Need Emotional Content”, Don’t You Think ‘We’ Meant ‘Content Marketers’? LOL!

emotional content

The popular concept ‘Emotional Content’ that Bruce Lee introduced to the world through his one of the best movies, ‘Enter the Dragon’ surely has nothing to do with content in the form of writing. However, this phrase well suits to needs of today’s content-rich world of content marketing. When Bruce Lee said, “We need emotional content” in a scene from the movie, to us he sounded to be talking about the need of content marketing industry today. Go to Google

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How to Write Effective Web Content?

effective web content

According to a report by Britain’s University of Bristol, web users, on an average read about one-quarter to one-fifth of a webpage. When users consume such a small amount of content online, it becomes imperative that the right message is conveyed to them. The best techniques to curate, format and generate valuable web content can make your website more readable and appealing. Here are the 5 tips to create effective web content. KISS – Keep it Simple, Stupid! If you

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