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When Bruce Lee Said, “We Need Emotional Content”, Don’t You Think ‘We’ Meant ‘Content Marketers’? LOL!

emotional content

The popular concept ‘Emotional Content’ that Bruce Lee introduced to the world through his one of the best movies, ‘Enter the Dragon’ surely has nothing to do with content in the form of writing. However, this phrase well suits to needs of today’s content-rich world of content marketing. When Bruce Lee said, “We need emotional content” in a scene from the movie, to us he sounded to be talking about the need of content marketing industry today. Go to Google

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Content Writing or Emotional Writing?

They say, “Emotions have no place in business”. I say, “Emotions can get you business”. Words have an incredible effect on humans which is why content marketing has been an impeccable medium for business branding. Savvy business proprietors capitalize on using words to their utmost potency. While nothing can replace the know-how and proficiencies of a professional writer, knowing the basics of nature and persuasion of commoners can help anyone learn the subtle art of ‘impact and influence’. The idea

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