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Why Do Small Businesses Need SEO

Why do small businesses need SEO

We have all been hearing of the Big S. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is being said to have turned the tables for small businesses to make them relevant. Fortunes of many small companies are said to have transformed with the help of SEO. With aggressive SEO strategies, Dell observed an increase of 177% in ranking, while Alphagraphics saw an overall rank rise of 180% and Bulk Apothecary saw 569% more visitors. SEO works as magnet to drive more traffic to your

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How To Scale Up Business With Digital Marketing

How to Scale Up Business with Digital Marketing

With the increased number of people using internet today, digital marketing has become the need of the hour. Everyone is rushing to blog, tweet and using Facebook – everybody has an online presence.  Now-a-days people look up for their favourite brands online, the internet has become an inexplicable platform for online shopping, learning, conversing, etc.  Thus, it is a must to be present there. Online marketing is not about having a good website. It is set of strategies designed to

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