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Hello there! Great to have you here. Here’s a quick introduction about who were are. Our journey started a decade ago, primarily as a website content design company. Today, PenPundit Media Services is a leading 360-degree editorial company in India, catering to the ever-expanding need for well-curated and well-written content. Helping us to do that is a team of over 50 talented writers, experienced graphic designers and subject matter specialists.

We’ll let you in on a secret–we love to listen. Bad grammar truly makes us cringe and generating original content has come to be our forte. As you would agree, in website content design companytoday’s fast-paced and digitally driven world, content is king (and key). At PenPundit our prime focus is on generating quality content and we aim to fulfill all kinds of content requirements–be it content for a newly launched website, upgrading an existing one, documenting a company’s annual report, putting together an audio presentation or curating bulk content that’s required urgently. But, these aren’t the only things we are good at.

The PenPundit team is adept at digital marketing and instructional design solutions for clients. Our social media ninjas have the skills–from web design and development to SEO practices and social media management  to make your brand noticeable and popular in the online marketplace. What’s more, our instructional designers are creative at heart with a sound technical eye for detail. We love to take on tricky subjects and simplify them for learners of all capabilities. As a website content design company, we love all that we do.

Yes, providing best-in-the-industry content and allied services is never easy but at PenPundit we make that happen consistently by working as a team with our clients. Also, when it comes to content generation, we don’t like to limit ourselves. We spearhead a number of projects and one among them is CreateMyMag, a personalized magazine service for individual clients. Think of it as your own Vogue edition which features you as the cover story. Take a look at www.createmymag.comfor full details.

If you are looking to keep yourself updated on the latest in the field of technology, innovations, latest apps and gadgets, do check out our popular website Techthirsty (www.techthirsty.com). Like we said, when it comes to content, we hate to not think out of the box.

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